About HTSAT Lab

Steve Carter

Meet the visionary behind HTSAT Lab, Steve Carter. As an award-winning psychologist, Steve has dedicated his career to exploring the intricacies of human behavior and personal development. His profound insights have paved the way for the creation of HTSAT Lab's transformative questionnaires and quizzes. Alongside the esteemed Crossroads CT team, Steve's mission is to guide individuals towards resilience and personal growth in an ever-changing world.

Crossroads CT

Crossroads CT, a trailblazing organization known for its cutting-edge approaches, led by Steve, develops innovative tools that empower users to navigate life's challenges with confidence and embrace opportunities for self-improvement. Together, Steve and Crossroads CT are committed to making a positive impact on lives, empowering individuals to thrive beyond limits.

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Artisan Creative

At HTSAT Lab, we are proud to collaborate with Artisan Creative, a leading creative organisation on a mission to ignite inspiration and imagination. Through their expert craftsmanship, Artisan Creative has skillfully brought our vision to life, crafting an immersive online experience that captivates users on their journey of self-discovery. Their exceptional team of designers, developers, and strategists seamlessly blends art and technology. Artisan Creative's commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the mission at HTSAT Lab, as we strive to provide users with the best possible tools and resources for personal growth. Together with Artisan Creative, we continue to redefine what's possible, empowering users to embark on a path of resilience, transformation, and achievement.

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